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Jun 6, 2018

cncc mini it works bad


I turned on the CNC and the three axis motors rotate like normal motors and not like stepper motors. I replaced Arduino Nano and the three drivers, but the problem is in the card. Can you tell me which component could be faulty? Thank's

In addition, the supplied software cncc V2.53 is no longer able to connect with Arduino nano supplied nor with the one I replaced.

Jun 9, 2018

Hi Friend, the CNCC is designed for Laser engraving machine, please use the Grbl Control software to control your CNC router machine

Jun 9, 2018

Hi, so the "grbl + HT.hex" file I used is good for the laser system, which explains the movement of stepper motors. But I do not understand why, when the card worked, before replacing the file it suddenly changed its behavior. Thank you.

Jun 14, 2018

The "grbl + HT.hex" file is the only one that works with this card; the firmware grbl0.9j fails to move the motors, unfortunately the problem remains. Can you give me some technical information or tell me how I can buy a new controller, please? Thank's

Jul 10, 2018


These afternoon by milling some PCB's in the middle of that the communication stopped. After a disconnect from the USB port I become exactly the same like the video here above.

Is the firmware crashed or can it be reset by giving a parameter or can we become the hex file to rewrite the nano board. Please give us a bit assist.

Thanks into advance.


Aug 27

CNCC has some works that was going to be bad among all mini formation that was at this it was useful to read. I need to have some solution that was at this was belong to them it was able to be read over these generation that was useful to have.

New Posts
  • it is possible to have the print file of the carriage carrying the z axis motor. on my 2417 it was damaged after 6 months. I have the version with a larger motor. I have a 3D printer and I could print it directly.
  • Hello to everyone I am new here and a newcomer to CNC laser cutting world too. I have bought a CNC Laser cutting machine with a 15W laser which has a electronic board in a separate metal box, I would like to put a fan on this unit too; I am going to install the box on a special support near the laser head (the seller did not send any type of fixing for this part). Must I connect to control card fan plug or there is another free plug on the Laseraxe control board (CNCC Mini control board last model ). Thanks
  • Hello... I can't understant why all my step motors work oposite. What do i mean when push down button from programm the step motor go up and when push up the step motor go down. Exactly the same happen in all axes, reverse moving. Is any option- setting from the program where can reverse the moving? Or the bord is damaged? Best, Dimitris