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Aug 27, 2018

Alternative Software


Hi, i wanted to ask if there is other software that work with the 3 axis laseraxe controller? I tried the CNCC2019 software but it does not have the functions i need, like repeating cuts and other things.

Aug 31, 2018

You can use the Grbl control, please do not flash the firmware, it already built-in firmware which support the Grbl

Apr 28

What version of Grbl can I use? Where can I down load it ? I use LaserGrbl with my other laser and it works flawlessly. I have had nothing but issues with Laseraxe2.53 and have not been able to get CNCC2019 to work on my computers running win7,8.1 and 10. All 3 different computers. So I would prefer to use LaserGrbl.

Sep 8, 2018

Finally i found a good software, its not free but it has a lot of features and it works with laseraxe controllers. Its called t2laser, has a free trial to try but full options you only get after registration. You need to select 1.1f Laseraxe in the custom firmware options to get full controll over the laseraxe controller but only do this after you decide to change over because you cannot go back to CNCC after that. But for testing it also works limited with the original firmware.

Dec 9, 2018

isn't it possible to flash it back?

In CNCC 2019 you can load firmware files, or is this something else?

@matthiasloeckler Only if you have the hex file. You can't pull it off of the controller and it is not included with the software and such on the CD, or via the DropBox download. Too bad, really. This is why I've ordered a second controller. This way I can play with the code and not mess with the original board and firmware.

@Evanescent BodyArt thank you. I will have to check that again. maybe the version cncc 2019 comes with these hex files. I thought so but I didn't use my machine for some time. I had no time.

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Oct 5, 2018

Which Grbl version is supported with the latest version ?

Oct 10, 2018

Hi, I'm wondering if there's a MAC OS alternative for using LaserAXE instead of just windows CNCC

Thank's in advanced

" LightBurn will run on Windows 7.0 or later, 32 or 64 bit, MacOS 10.11 or later, or 64 bit Linux." That's directly from Lightburn's documentation page. I'm sure there are others.

@rafael.cota it's try for free, $40 for license (good for two computers). Only problem with it, is that I am having trouble finding which setting to use with it. None of them says, "LaserAxe". LOL When I find out I'll post.

@rafael.cota LightBurn, unfortunately, does not have a compatible setup for LaserAxe. The only way to use it would be to flash the board, which would void the warranty. From another person's experiments with flashing their board for their CNC it can take the latest version of GRBL. It just won't work with CNCC. It will work with other programs though.


I will note now that I have boxed up my kit and am returning it to Amazon for a full refund. IMO, I payed far too much for far too little. My big reason for buying my kit was for the 500mmx600mm area to work with. I can't use most files I want to use it with, because the software crashes because the files are too big. That's just not working for me. It's just a mess. Also, it claims to have 0.1mm accuracy, but that's false. The gears that comes with it are 17 tooth with a pitch of 2. that doesn't add up to 0.1mm. You would need gears with 20 teeth at a pitch of 2 to on the same motors (or any that takes 200 steps to do a full rotation) in order to get an actual 0.1mm accuracy.


So, tomorrow it goes back and I will be ordering a K40 40watt laser system. The original work area is just about the size of a standard sheet of paper (in the US, not quite A4) but with some easy mods can do much larger and will cut and etch more materials and do it well.

hi, our machine is DIY laser, comepare to K40 40w laser is unfair. I dont know why you always say we are mess, we will modify our problem step by step, thanks

I am currently having a lot of trouble with mine also and am in the process of trying to update to a later version of GRBL so I can use Lightburn as this CNCC2019 is not very good (atleast for me). You say that you have seen people have success with this, could you please link me their post or where you found this please as I am struggling to work out how to do it myself? Thanks in advance.

Thank you. I don't need much, but I really want to be able to use it from a Mac.

current it support windows only, we will make it support mac in the future.

Is there any other software that will work with laseraxe 2500 laser. I have tried 2.50, 2.53 and it will run first line then stop. tried cncc2019 and the lack of setting is aweful. trying to find grayscale setting for photos to burn to wood. so far low setting, high setting on laser. changing speeds all don't do anything close to descent. can someone suggestion some setting. i like 2.53 but it crashes and unresponsive every 10 seconds. Would like to find something that you have grayscale control over. and be able to set DPI would be nice. if its there i hav not found it yet.

this board will run with a MAC you need to be able flash the firmware using T2 I have been using a MAC for 2 years without any trouble until last Friday when the bloody usb port fell off, it was corroded underneath and a bad nano, well fed up but it works on mac, use T2 to flash then bin it and use Lightburn and it runs perfectly.

Ni Neil, can you elaborate on the T2 firmware flashing process. Sounds just like what I might need to be able to get this device to work with Linux based software (on a Raspberry Pi)?

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