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Jul 5, 2018

Questions about CNCC Software


Edited: Feb 23

Hi Friend, if you have any problems during use CNCC soft, please post it at here



Laseraxe Service Team

Jul 6, 2018

loaded the new software but the pull-downs menus are not displaying the bottom set of buttons.

Jul 6, 2018

Also I cannot re-size or SCALE the image.

Jul 6, 2018


see bottom buttons cut-off Using Windows 10 Pro

Sep 30, 2018

hi, follow below photo to set in your win10 pc, then will be ok.


Sep 30, 2018Edited: Sep 30, 2018

Didnt have anything to do with that as I use win 7 and a complete redownload and it fixed its self....

Jul 6, 2018

What is Materia[A3/4 . . .] ??

hi, you can watch the video, the material just as you can save same parameters of some material, then next time you want do the same cutting or engraving you can choose it.

Jul 6, 2018

What is your problem using INCHES why must it be mm??????

I have the same issues as Alan. Buttons doesn't work well. Some changes like materials look good, but i don't see where's dxf cut because of the wrong buttons. The ribbon could work better if it was like the 3D printing softaware called Cura (from ultimaker).

Jul 9, 2018

why dont you let a few of us BETA test for you BEFORE you put it out there.

Jul 10, 2018

I just loaded this new version. I have the same problems as quoted in the forum: lack of ergonomics, the menus are not fully readable. It seems that the reading of the DXF files is now correct, for the file in Gcode, it does not work yet: what does it take as Gcode file? Another point, too bad that we can no longer set the zero through the software as before. Do you intend to use this version again so that it can be easily usable? JPHM

Jul 14, 2018

ADMIN it's been over a week and no reply from you. . . Are you going to respond??

Jul 20, 2018

When do you think you can send us an ergonomic solution, usable with DXF and Gcode functions and without viruses? Otherwise can you make us a list of software compatible with your system? If there is not, can you give us the information so that we can develop our own interface? Please inform us as soon as possible. JPHM

Jul 21, 2018Edited: Jul 21, 2018

looks like better control over placement of pictures. more user friendly. like that you can save a material with speed and intensity set under a user specified name.

still too many Chinese words used, you need to covert ALL to the selected language.

does anybody know guys who can do the interface jobs

Jul 21, 2018

I also have the menu issue. But i also miss a possiblility to set multiple runs as in the 2.53.

I also can not place the Zero Point where i want as in 2.53.

I still use 2.53 until this Version is updated.

Jul 23, 2018

I SPOKE TOO soon. The new version even after listening and following the video DOES NOT WORK. the laser moves erratically when pressing the <> or ^ arrows. Loading a PICT or TEXT does not scale as well.



Jul 23, 2018

Dear Alan:

Would you mind make a video and upload it to wetransfer so that we can download it and help you

Jul 23, 2018

ok give me a day or so

can you help me..?

I have version CNCC 2019 V1.08. I will download or upgrade te software.




Aug 13, 2018



i have the same problem, windows 10

also some other menu windows!


Aug 14, 2018Edited: Aug 14, 2018

loaded the new software but the pull-downs menus are not displaying the bottom set of buttons.they are still beaing cut off... and its now this going to be fixed any time soon? Win7pro...


Aug 14, 2018

Customer service in China is Not the same as in America. In America, if customer service fails to respond to your complaints you re-ask until they do. In China, if there is no response and you re-ask they think you are just a pest and they will ignore you forever!!


So as a result in China they do not have as many complaints, it's much more efficient than in America.

sorry reply you late, will better in the future

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