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Jul 6, 2018

Laser Module Diode Generator with heatsink - what does it do


I'm ordering a 1m x 1m 7000mW CNC. Do I need to order the heatsink still? All I want to do it engrave plywood and maybe occasionally cut 3mm plywood to shape.

Jul 7, 2018

The laser module is equipped with heatsink

Jul 8, 2018Edited: Jul 8, 2018

I am not sure why they say they SAY that they haven't supplied a 15w Laser when the latest CNCC software references 15W lasers.

But anyway it is very hard to cut plywood 3mm or thinner because of the glue between the layers. Better to use solid poplar or alder or bass wood sheets from ocoochhardwoods.


Plywood chars as the laser burns thru(cuts) the plywood so that the finished cut is somewhat smaller than the actual size as designed and made into a jpeg or other format file.

I cut at a speed of 28 and 100% of the 15W(8 actual watts) pulse laser.


Also place a thin perforated sheet of aluminum ( available at Home Depot) under the wood to be cut. This dissipates the heat so that the wood does not char more than you would like.

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