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Oct 1, 2018

Low laser power



I don’t arrive to operate the laser 2500mw correctly.

I try to cut some paper but laser doesn’t arrive there, although the power is 100% on CNCC. But when I connect the laser directly on the power supply, the laser cuts very easily the paper.

How can I fix the problem please ?

I bought the cutting machine laser here:

Thank you 

Oct 3, 2018Edited: Oct 3, 2018

When I connect it on the port "laser" of the laseraxe.CNC.Mini, the laser emits a very low beam with power maximal (100%) in CNCC, and it consumes 0.16A. it can’t to cutt paper.

But when I connect it directly on the power supply, laser is powerful and cuts easily paper. It consumes on sector 1.2A.

CNCC Or mainboard not supplied not access of ampere for the laser work normally.

How to solve this problem with CNCC ?


Thank you

hi, what software you use now? CNCC2019?

Is your output set to 100% in CNCC software?

if you use CNCC2019, you need follow the manual step by step, set your laser machine 1st.

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