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May 8, 2018

Connectors - limit X , limit Y



I need to install X Y limit switches on the machine

The controller has connectors - limit X , limit Y, limit Z.

They don't work.

What need to do that they work ?

Thank you for answer.

May 13, 2018

i agree I keep banging the laser against the frame because there is no ALL-STOP button

May 22, 2018

Just connect the limit switch in parallel connection then connect it to the limit switch port

May 22, 2018

Thank you for fast answer ))

I connect limit switch - it not not stop, not pause.

(controller: "Laseraxe USB CNC 3 Axis 2 Phase 4 Wire Stepper Motor Controller Driver Board CNC Laser Engraving Machine Mainboard" , soft CNCC v2.53)

May 23, 2018

Hi, I need the z-limit to work. The connector for the z-limit is wired to arduino pin 12, so that seems to be right, but the controller software does not react (x-,y-limits also don't work). Is there anything to activate inside the grbl-software? Do I need to update the grbl-software? It is very important for me, because i need to level my machine to engrave my PCBs.


Regards, Manuel

Dec 12, 2018

Hi. This link no longer works.

Restricted Content

This file is no longer available. For additional information contact Dropbox Support.


Can you upload new link so i can get version V2.53f


Thank you

Jul 29, 2018

can i order this switch here? because today i order already a new machine and 2 stack mainboards, its nice if you can send in the same package. thanks

Nov 1, 2018

Has anyone been able to get the X and Y limits to work? I have tried shorting the pins while jogging or in a run in V2.53, V2.53, and 2019 with no success.

Dec 4, 2018

yes, after get my switch i install and its works fine. like him explain, dont use the x,y,z, connect the switch parallel togheter and use the one pin like on picture.

Dec 12, 2018

@Andy I will try this soon. Do you have a part # for the connector?

The switches have to be properly wired and connected. Best to use the NO (Normally Open) position and then make sure that the other end connector is properly set up to match that on the board when plugged in.


There is another way! It's more expensive, though. You can get a different set of axis driver boards to replace the originals. SILENTSTEPSTICK - TMC2130 STEPPER MOTOR DRIVER

It's not cheap, but when set up properly, they don't need switches to detect that they have hit an obstacle.


A great video that covers updating your engraver can be seen in the following link. It says that it is for EleksMaker PCB laser CNC machine but all the upgrades will work with most similar laser engravers. There are links on the Youtube page to the wiring. I will probably go this route when I can afford to.

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