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Feb 4

Laser stopped working


Hi. I have the 15w laser engraver. It has worked well up until just now, half way through a job and it stopped.. I restart the machine, restart program and nothing. It seems when I turn on the power to the board the blue light is always on without engraving. But It will not engrave anything anymore. What is wrong? Laser? Board? or?

please send some photos of your laser head, thanks

Is this forum monitored? Hello?

you must pressed the button on laser head, press again to make the blue light on is ok

Apr 13

No. I even remove power cord and hook up to laser directly and no power. Just light blue light.


I try use another laser driver board as you never reply. Laser works but not as much power..


I need the board

Aug 4

Hi Smitty,


did you ever get this working? I have the same problem. It used to work, I was happy that I had resolved my scaling issue, printed one project and now my laser won't burn, it's like it's stuck on "Weak Spindle" all the time.


I can no longer cut with my laseraxe. This unit us just on one year old and not very much used. I really want to know how to fix this.


Please help.

I did. I got a new driver board locally because they do not reply here... Although I have seem to have lost alot of power. I'm gathering that is because their original boards overdrive the diode.

Aug 4



How did you determine what was the problem and how would I do the same in my case? Is it difficult? Do you have any suggestions where I might start finding out how to do this?


Sadly, I know nothing about electronics. But I can still learn stuff.

I plugged the power directly into the laser head power instead of the Laser control board. So bypass the board where you connect usb/power etc. You should then get full power out from the laser. But i did not. Just weak laser. Knowing diodes usually die slowly and not suddenly like mine seemed to do I thought that it would then have to be the driver board on top of the laser head. So I replaced that. And it fixed the problem.

Aug 4

OK - so it seems I have a different unit. It looks quite different from yours. I do get the same thing, the laser when plugged into the bower brick only does the "weak spindle" type of output.


Where can I source a replacement for this? It is less than a year old, it should be under warranty!

15W laser ht no longer spools up to cutting strength.




Sep 10

It would make sense for it to be a board Issue now that you've said that. I assumed it was a firmware problem and have been tearing at my hair for the last day trying to figure out how to fix it.


My laser has been doing that on and off since I bought it, and with the Keylogger built into the most recent version of the controller I had thought perhaps it was the software.


The last time this happened to my I just left it sit for a week (In frustration) and it magically worked again...


I have the 7W laser as well, so if anyone is aware of a circuit board that can replace the one that comes with the device I'd appreciate knowing as well, I have a project I would really like to get finished in the next day or so.....

Sep 10

Hi Benjamin,


I've been away and so mine has sat unused for a couple of weeks now. I'll give it a try tonight and let you know how it goes!

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